Vertical Drill for Geothermal Power

		Geothermiebohranlage TERRA Drill 150 x 7 V

Geothermal energy with the TERRA-DRILL

    The TERRA-DRILL 150x7 V is a vertical drilling machine for geothermal bores. It can drill (uncased bores) down to 150 m (500 ft) in most ground conditions. It has 15’000 Nm (11’000 ft.lbs) of torque and allows the drilling of 152 mm (6”) casing pipes down to 135 m (450 ft) and their removal without difficulty.

Geothermal energy with the TERRA-DRILL
Geothermal energy with the TERRA-DRILL

Only 0.95 m (3 ft) wide

    A unique feature of this powerful geothermal drill is that you can fold it to a transportation width of only 0.95 m (3 ft) allowing the TERRA-DRILL to drive through small garden entrance doorways to gain access for drilling in established and confined garden spaces.

Triplex clamping and break-apart system

    The TERRA-DRILL is equipped with a triplex clamping and break-apart system. The assembly and disassembly of the casing pipes and the drill rods are undertaken hydraulically.

Cable winch with handling device

    The electric cable winch and the specially developed rod handling device enables the lifting and loading of a single casing and a single drill rod simultaneously into the drill rig where they are assembled hydraulically.

    In rocky ground the air powered down-the-hole hammer is most suited and has a high rate of production. The air driven DTH hammer produces the bore channel while compressed air blows the earth particles to the surface, into a mud container. Casing pipes are used to protect the drill string through the top layers of loose ground until contact is made with the rocky layers below.

Remote Control

    The TERRA-DRILL is operated via a cable remote control with two joysticks. The operator may stand in a location where he has a view of the entire operation.

Remote Control
Remote Control

Machine Technology

    Two powerful hydraulic motors located in the driving saddle produce a torque of 15’000 Nm (11’000 ft.lbs) and thrust and pulling forces of 70 KN (7 tons, 15’400 lbs); more than most large drills.The TERRA-DRILL is of modular design. It is equipped with an on-board small power pack allowing it to be self propelled. A separate, larger power pack stands can stand independently outside the front garden. Its 97 kW (132 HP) PERKINS Diesel engine drives three independent hydraulic circuits for thrust, rotation and the bentonite pump.

    Its rubber crawlers prevent damage to the garden and pathways and once it has crawled inside the property, through the narrow entranceway, they can be telescopically extended to increase their width from 0.90 m (3 ft) to 1.40 m (4.6 ft). This increases the stability of the rig and prevents it from overturning.

    The four hydraulic outriggers align the drill and transmit the high torque into the ground. The casings and drill rods are 2 m (6.6 ft) long, for fast drilling and removal on completion.

Machine Technology
Machine Technology

The patented duplex connector
(mud spill preventer)

    The TERRA-DRILL operates with only one driving head. Thus TERRA has designed a new patented duplex connector (mud spill preventer) which allows simultaneous insertion of the casing pipe, the down-the-hole hammer and the drill rods. The duplex connector conducts the drill mud cleanly into the mud containers ensuring that the job site is always clean. As soon as the casings have reached the upper rock edge, the bayonet connection on the duplex connector is released. From that moment on only the drill rods with the down-the-hole hammer proceed to drill further down.

    The duplex connector of the TERRA-DRILL 150x7 V can be aligned longitudinally enabling the drill operator to align the position of the drill bit in relation to the casing pipe bit.

The patented duplex connector
 <br/>(mud spill preventer)
The patented duplex connector
(mud spill preventer)

Service friendly

  1. mit 4-Zylinder PERKINS-Dieselmotor mit 97 kW (132 PS)
  2. der Dieselmotor dreht mit 2'000 U/min
  3. supersilent
  4. niedriger Dieselverbrauch (etwa 80 ltr je 8 h Tag)
  5. mit 3 unabhängigen Hydraulikkreisläufen
    160 l/min bei 200 bar (Drehen)
    114 l/min bei 220 bar (Vorschub)
    46 l/min bei 160 bar (Spülen)
  6. Dokumentenbox
  7. Feuerlöscher
  8. grosser Ölkühler mit 32 kW Kühlleistung, erlaubt auch tropischen und Wüsteneinsatz
  9. wartungsfreundlich
  10. umweltfreundlich, da supersilent.
  11. Der Dieselmotor erfüllt die gültigen Abgasrichtlinien EUR 3B (Europa), TIER 4i (USA und Japan)
  12. ideal für den TERRA-DRILL 150x7 V

    Die beiden Flügeltüren erlauben eine servicefreundliche Wartung. Alle Komponenten sind leicht zugänglich.

Service friendly</br>
Service friendly


Technical Data

Technical Data

All mentioned depths depending on ground conditions

Technical specifications can be changed without previous notice.
Pulling force
70 kN (7 to)
15’400 lbs
Thrust force
70 kN (7 to)
15’400 lbs
Installed power
97 kW (130 PS)
97 kW (130 HP)
15’000 Nm
11’000 ft.lbs
Rotation speed of the drill rods
- idle
30 U/min
30 rpm
- at full load
28 U/min
28 rpm
- quick gear
60 U/min
60 rpm
Maximum speed of the driving saddle
- at full load
18 m/min
60 ft/min
- quick gear
30 m/min
100 ft/min
Ø of the bore (down-the-hole-hammer)
127 oder 150 mm
5.1” or 5.9“
Max. drilling depth
125-150 m
400-500 ft
Drill rods *
- Ø
89 mm
- Length
2.0 m
6.6 ft
- Weight
36 kg
80 lbs
- Drilling depth
125-150 m
400-500 ft
Casings *
- Ø
152 mm --- | --- 178 mm
6" --- | --- 7"
- Length
2.0 m --- | --- 2.0 m
6.6 ft --- | --- 6.6 ft
- Weight
58 kg --- | --- 69 kg
130 lbs --- | --- 150 lbs
Dimensions L x W x H
- in driving position
6.15 m x 0.95 m x 1.96 m
242” x 37” x 77”
- in drilling position
4.00 m x 2.72 m x 5.40 m
157 x 107“ x 212“
Down-the-hole (DTH) hammer
- Air pressure
14 bar --- | --- 21 bar
200 psi --- | --- 300 psi
- Volume
11 m3/min --- | --- 19 m3/min
385 gpm --- | --- 665 gpm
- Max. depth
100 m --- | --- 125-150 m
330 ft --- | --- 500 ft
Drill mud pump (optional)
- Volume
1'000 ltr/min @ 4 bar
265 gpm @ 60 psi
Weight of the drill rig
3.5 to
7’700 lbs


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