Thrust Boring Machine

Thrust boring with the MINI-JET PB

    The Thrust Boring Machine TERRA-MINI JET MJ 1600 PB pushes steel pipes up to OD 170 mm (7“) in lengths up to 25 m (80 ft) through the ground. This is done with a thrust force of 60 kN (6 tons, 7 US tons, 13’200 lbs).

    The front plate of the MJ 1600 PB can be interlocked hydraulically. This gives the TERRA-MINI JET MJ 1600 PB a high stability in the working pit.

    Normally steel pipes OD 114 mm (4.5”) are used. Larger steel pipe diameters up to OD 170 mm (6.7”) are possible. The augers can be easily disassembled with the release lever.

    The thrust boring machine TERRA-MINI JET MJ 1600 PB can be modified as a directional HDD machine.

Thrust boring with the MINI-JET PB
Thrust boring with the MINI-JET PB

Thrust boring method

    The ground in front of the steel pipe is attacked by an air-driven DTH hammer with rock bit. This drills through nearly every ground. The recovered ground is removed backwards by augers inside of the steel pipe. It falls down into the drilling machine. The DTH hammer with its rock bit can be replaced by mechanical drill heads. So the drilling machine can be adapted to every ground conditions. The augers are driven with a torque of 1‘600 Nm (1‘200 ft.lbs). The augers have a large inner bore for the air supply to the DTH hammer.

    The thrust boring happens in L = 0.5 m (1.65 ft) steps. Each single steel pipe and auger is 0.5 m (1.65 ft) long. The steel pipes are welded. After the bore has been finished, the DTH hammer is disassembled to the front. Then the augers are pushed backwards to the drilling machine.
    The steel pipe remains in the ground.


    MJ 1600 PB with all tools (steel pipes, DTH hammer, augers, mechanical drill bit).



Technical Data

Technical Data

* Depending on ground conditions

Technical specifications can be changed without previous notice.
Pullback force
60 kN (6 to)
13'200 lbs (7 US tons)
Thrust force
60 kN (6 to)
13'200 lbs (7 US tons)
1'600 Nm
1’200 ft.lbs
Speed quick gear
14 m/min
46 ft/min
Speed drilling/backreaming
2.5 m/min
8.3 ft/min
Auger length
0.50 m
1.65 ft
Auger rotation speed
0 - 125 U/min
0–125 rpm
Steel pipe diameter
ø 114 mm
ø 4.5”
Steel pipe diameter
ø 170 mm
ø 6.7”
Max. drilling length*
25 m
80 ft
Transportation length
1.28 m
Operation length
1.33 - 1.79 m
0.60 m
1.34 m
280 kg
616 lbs


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