Dynamic bursting sleeve 610mm (24'') for X 400

© TERRA AG, Reiden, Switzerland
The dynamic bursting sleeve 610 mm (24") is designed to pipe burst old pipes, including concrete pipes, of ID 400 mm and 500mm (16" & 20") and to replace them with new HDPE pipes of OD 500 mm (20") in lengths of over 100 m (330 ft). A combination of the cable burster TERRAEXTRACTOR X 400 and the TERRA ram TR 220 is used. The TERRA ram TR 220 delivers the main ramming force of 370 tons and is equiped with a remote controlled start/stop valve which ensures an easy and reliable start-up of the hammer, even over long distances. The TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 400 cable burster delivers an additional pulling force of 400 KN (40 tons) and pulls the cable only during its load stroke. The pulling cable is clamped during the Extractors' return stroke. In order to provide constant tension, a tension spring assembly is attached to the front of the dynamic bursting sleeve. This spring assembly maintains the pulling tension during the Extractors' return stroke, so there is always the necessary tension on the pulling cable. The photo shows the dynamic bursting sleeve together with Manfred Neumann, one of its designers.


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