Pipe Installation

HDD Spülbohranlage TERRA JET 8522 S
The TERRA-JET are extrem powerful HDD machines for horizontal directional drilling. The TERRA-JET ist the ideal machine for trenchless replacement of supply pipes. With the machines of TERRA you will get more productivity which means more profits.

Grubenbohranlage für Spülbohrungen TERRA Mini-Jet MJ 1400
The TERRA MINI-JET are extrem powerful HDD Pit Launched Machines. The MINI-JET is a master piece in Swiss engineering. With this strong machine, which was developed for narrow space, you can manage difficult jobsites in almost any ground. The ideal machine for cities and mountain regions.

Erdrakete (enlish: mole)
The TERRA-HAMMER piercing tools are fast, precise and traceable. They are one of the most powerful piercing tools in the world. The exclusive combi head in combination with the heavy main piston guarantees unequalled penetration speed and accuracy. The ideal machine for your jobsite.

Stahlrohramme TR 565
The steel pipe rams of TERRA are one of the most fastest and strongest systems in the world. With it's hugh ramming power and the low air requirement the Swiss engineers have designed an unique system. With the steel pipe rams of TERRA you can ramm steel pipes from 150 mm up to 3000 mm (120").


Thrust Boring Machine

The thrust boring machine TERRA MINI-JET PB includes two machines in one. With this smart machine you can press steel pipes through the ground or modify it to a HDD pit launched machine. It is the perfect machine for your jobsite. You asked for it. We made it.

Richtpressanlage, Rod pusher
The TERRA-JACK is a directional Rod Pusher. It is the ideal machine for house connections underneath streets by narrow space conditions. The innovative machine works in easily displaceable ground. It can easily be lifted in the cellar.

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  Pipe Installation


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