Trenchless Technology HDD drilling machines and piercing tools

HDD class: 10 - 13 tons

101 HP strong Deutz Diesel enginge - the TERRA-JET DJ 23

    TERRA-JET DJ 23 is the next generation horizontal directional drill, designed by TERRA to offer enhanced productivity and durability. TERRA-JET DJ 23 is a horizontal directional drill unit designed for the most challenging projects. Powered by a DEUTZ Diesel engine with 101 HP (Tier 4 final), this drill offers up to 11 tons (20,000 lbs) of thrust and pullback force,3,050 Nm (2,300 ft.lbs.) of torque and a maximum spindle speed of 284 rpm.

    The TERRA-JET DJ 23 is a powerhouse of productivity and sustainability. Its compact size takes up minimal space in the jobsite, while its noise reduction technology provides an awesome operating experience - especially useful for urban applications with quick set up time.

101 HP strong Deutz Diesel enginge - the TERRA-JET DJ 23
101 HP strong Deutz Diesel enginge - the TERRA-JET DJ 23

Hydraulically rotatable cabin

    The DJ 23 elevates drilling performance with its hydraulically rotatable cabin, allowing the driller to effortlessly adjust their position from 0°‐60° - making sure they are always in optimal control of each job.

Hydraulically rotatable cabin
Hydraulically rotatable cabin

Intelligent drilling assistant systems

    The Intelligent Drilling Assistant systems, like Thrust Mode, Carve Mode and Drill Speed Control ensures an efficient and stress-free drilling process. The advanced CLP Control System enables all drilling assistant systems to gain an understanding of their underground environment, ensuring peak productivity and performance through the 12” Screen for onboard diagnostics.

On-Board Computer with large 12
On-Board Computer with large 12" Screen für hdd drill rig

Protocol your site

    The DJ 23 is equipped with an on-board computer with large 12" screen. It records the torque, the rotation speed, the drilling fluid volume and pressure and the drilling forces according to the German norm DVGW 321. The screen shows all relevant drill data like thrust and pullback forces, the torque, the rotation speed and the drill fluid pressures for a complete bore. Additionally the on-board computer makes the service diagnostics easy.

hdd drilling protocol according DVGW 321
hdd drilling protocol according DVGW 321

High pressure FMC pump for more productivity

    The DJ 23 is a powerful rig capable of providing superior drilling performance with 185 l/min flow rate - ideal for those who need more out of their production and efficiency.

    TERRA-JET machines are designed with high quality components with ease of serviceability in mind. The cover can be opened wide for fast maintenance, making them a perfect choice to lower downtime costs while still maximizing performance.

High pressure FMC pump for more productivity
High pressure FMC pump for more productivity

Rack and Pinion with integrated camera

    Get reliable and powerful performance with the Thrust and Pullback of your driving saddle, ensured by a rack and pinion drive. Two hydraulic motors combined with gearboxes move the driving saddle for maximum efficiency. The bent axis variable displacement motor creates high torque (AUTO TORK) that gives you extra high torque when needed.

    Enjoy unparalleled visibility with our integrated camera that provides a direct view of the drill rod connector right in your cabin. With images streamed directly to you on its high-definition 12” display, it's the safest & fastest drill in its class.
    With the DJ 23, you can now reach up to 158 m with its 52, 3.05 m drill rods. Keep drilling for longer and enjoy improved durability as each rod is hot-dip galvanized for extra protection. Refill your magazine or simply switch out an empty one — it's that easy.

Rack and Pinion with integrated camera
Rack and Pinion with integrated camera

Oscilating drill ramp

    TERRA has developed a patented oscillating drill ramp for the DJ 23. It has two rotation points with two separate cylinders. With this unique system, the drill ramp can achieve a drilling angle from 19 % up to 40 % (11° - 22°). The rubber crawler stays firm on the ground up to a gradient of 36%.

Oscilating drill ramp
Oscilating drill ramp

AutoTork: the new hydraulic-electronic control

    Conventional HDD machines operate with a two-gear-control. They operate either with high torque at low speed or with high rotation speed at low torque. AutoTork is a new hydraulic-electronic control, which measures the underground and guarantees that the TERRA-JET always operates at its optimum. AutoTork starts at highest rotation speed with 284 rpm. If the ground gets harder and more torque is requiered at the drilling tool, AutoTork automatically increases the torque up to the required value and reduces the rotation speed accordingly.

hdd drilling AutoTork: the new hydraulic-electronic control
hdd drilling AutoTork: the new hydraulic-electronic control

Drill Rod Magazine (Hot-Dip galvanized), easy reloading

    Maximize your work efficiency with the TERRA-JET DJ 23. Boasting 3.05 m (10 ft) drill rods and a bending radius of 34 m, drilling around existing utilities has never been easier. Its magazine is also equipped with up to 158 m (520 ft) of drill rods - perfect for large scale jobs that need to be done quickly.

hdd drilling: drill rods magazine
hdd drilling: drill rods magazine

Drive Remote Control

    With the DJ 23, you can make drilling a breeze. The drill comes with an innovative remote drive control that allows operation while standing both beside and behind it - liberating your movement so you can focus on getting even more done.

Drive Remote Control for hdd drills
Drive Remote Control for hdd drills


Technical Data

Technical Data

*   Depending on ground conditions
** Depending on drill rod size
Technical specifications can be changed without previous notice.
Thrust/Pullback force
110 kN (11 t)
23,000 lbs
Spindle torque
3.100 Nm
2,300 ft.lbs
Spindle speed
284 U/min
284 rpm
Carriage travel speed
43 m/min
140 ft/min
Bore diameter
60 - 110 mm
3” - 4.5”
Driving speed
3.3 km/h
2.3 miles/h
Deutz TCD 3.6L4
Deutz TCD 3.6L4
Gross horsepower (Tier 4 final)
75 kW (101 PS)
101 HP
Fuel type
Engine rpm
2.400 U/min
2,400 rpm
Drilling fluid volume
185 l/min
50 gpm
Drilling fluid pressure, max.
80 bar
1,160 psi
Drill rods, length
3.05 m
10 ft
Drill rod, diameter
ø 60/54 mm
2.4“ / 2.1“
Bending radius, min.
34 m
110 ft
Onboard capacity
160 m
525 ft
Dimensions L X W X H (transportation postition)
6.1 x 1.8 x 2.5 m
20,0 x 5,9 x 8,3 ft
Drill rack entry angle
19 - 40 % (11 - 22°)
19 - 40 %
Weight (incl. drill rods)
8.5 t
18,800 lbs
Weight (w/o dril rods)
7.1 t
15,700 lbs
Noise emission at operator’s ear
79 dB(A)
79 dB(A)
Exteriour sound power
104 dB(A)
104 dB(A)


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