Trenchless Technology HDD drilling machines and piercing tools

HDD class: 8 - 10 tons

One of the most productive 9 tonnes HDD drill rigs in its class - the DJ 20

    The TERRA-JET DJ 20 Horizontal Directional Drill is the perfect choice for those who need power and performance in a compact, user-friendly package. Featuring a 75 HP HATZ (Euro Stage 5) diesel engine, this powerful machine delivers up to 9 tons of thrust and pullback force, 2.840 Nm of torque and a maximum spindle speed of 228 rpm.

    Its small footprint ensures easy maneuverability when operating in tight spaces, while its low noise levels keep the workplace quiet – making it a great drill to use in both urban and rural jobsites. Its fast setup time allows it to be highly productive and easy transportation between job sites.

One of the most productive 9 tonnes HDD drill rigs in its class - the DJ 20
One of the most productive 9 tonnes HDD drill rigs in its class - the DJ 20

Moveable comfort cab with integrated LED lights

    The TERRA-JET DJ 20 offers the operator complete control and comfort. Its spacious cabin can be rotated up to 60° – offering ultimate comfort and convenience throughout your workday. It also incorporates LED lighting so you can keep working even when conditions are darker.

Moveable comfort cab with integrated LED lights
Moveable comfort cab with integrated LED lights

Made for productivity

    The TERRA-JET DJ 20 provides a swift and efficient performance thanks to the 3 m drill rods, combined with its 120 m of rod capacity ensuring uninterrupted operations. Its 25 m bending radius allows for easy navigation around existing utility infrastructure beneath the surface.

    An efficient and strong drive system is powered by two hydraulic motors with gearboxes, allowing for reliable thrusting from the driving saddle. The pair of rotating motors also generate substantial torque to effectively propel movement forward.

Made for productivity
Made for productivity

Intelligent drilling assistant systems

    The Intelligent Drilling Assistant systems, like Thrust Mode, Carve Mode and Drill Speed Control ensures an efficient and stress-free drilling process. The advanced CLP Control System enables all drilling assistant systems to gain an understanding of their underground environment, ensuring peak productivity and performance.

Intelligent drilling assistant systems
Intelligent drilling assistant systems

Compact and powerful

    The DJ 20 offers improved maneuverability in tight spaces, with a sleek design designed to fit through entrances as narrow as 5 feet. Controlled by remote for optimum speed and safety, this machine is ideal for projects that require precise navigation in small areas.

    Thanks to its rubber tracks, this equipment offers unyielding stability and is able to handle the toughest of terrains - no challenge too great for contractors.

Compact and powerful
Compact and powerful

Oil cooler outside

    The TERRA-JET DJ 20 features an innovative external oil cooler design behind the drill ramp. This unique placement ensures that it is constantly surrounded by fresh, cool air and the thermostat activates at temperatures of over 50° C (120° F).

Oil cooler outside
Oil cooler outside

High quality standards Swiss made

    All components of the TERRA-JET fulfill the highest Quality standards in the industry. They are easy accessible. The bearings can be changed quickly on the jobsite. The DJ 20 is equipped with a swing-out cover for easy access for machine maintenance and serviceability. This ensures a long lifetime of your drill rig.

High quality standards Swiss made
High quality standards Swiss made

High drilling volume with boost mode (FMC pump)

    The onboard high-pressure FMC delivers an increased drilling volume of 95 l/min that helps to drill in various challenging ground conditions. With the boost mode, the operator can utilize additional power momentarily to overcome any tough spots.

High drilling volume with boost mode (FMC pump)
High drilling volume with boost mode (FMC pump)


Technical Data

Technical Data

*   Depending on ground conditions
** Depending on drill rod size
Technical specifications can be changed without previous notice.
Thrust/Pullback force
87 kN (9 t)
20,000 lbs
Spindle torque
2.840 Nm
2,100 ft.lbs
Spindle speed
228 U/min
228 rpm
Carriage travel speed
40 m/min
120 ft/min
Bore diameter
60 - 110 mm
3” - 4.5”
Driving speed
4.5 km/h
3 miles/h
Hatz 4H50TICD
Hatz 4H50TICD
Gross horsepower (Tier 4 final)
55 kW (75 PS)
75 HP
Fuel type
Engine rpm
2.700 U/min
2,700 rpm
Drilling fluid volume
95 l/min
26 gpm
Drilling fluid pressure, max.
70 bar
1,015 psi
Drill rods, length
3.05 m
10 ft
Drill rod, diameter
ø 60/54 mm
2.4“ / 2.1“
Bending radius, min.
34 m
120 ft
Onboard capacity
120 m
400 ft
Dimensions L X W X H (transportation postition)
6.00 x 1.65 x 1.90 m
19.5 x 5.5 x 6.3 ft
Drill rack entry angle
29 - 40 % (16 - 22°)
29 - 40 %
Weight (incl. drill rods)
6.4 t
14,110 lbs
Weight (w/o dril rods)
5.3 t
11,500 lbs
Noise emission at operator’s ear
85 dB(A)
85 dB(A)
Exteriour sound power
104 dB(A)
104 dB(A)


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