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HDD class: 18 - 20 tons

TERRA-JET DJ 40 - 175 HP strong engine

    The TERRA-JET DJ 40 sets new standards in the HDD industry. More performance, higher productivity as well as a long lifetime was demanded by our customers. The DJ 40 is characterised by all these features. Equipped with a 175 HP strong Perkins Diesel engine (Euro Stage 5), the TERRA-JET DJ 40 provides up to 18 tonnes (40.000 lbs) of pulling force, 8.000 Nm (5.900 ft. lbs) of torque and a maximum spindle speed of 255 rpm on the drill rods. With its 230 m (755 ft) drill rods on board, long distances can be covered. These features offer enormous advantages especially for the fibre optical market, as long distances have to be drilled in a short time. With its reduced noise level and reduced diesel consumption, the machine is ideal for urban and rural areas. Despite its size, the machine is compact and has a small footprint and a fast installation time.

TERRA-JET DJ 40 - 175 HP strong engine
TERRA-JET DJ 40 - 175 HP strong engine

New telemetric system

    With a new telemetric system, you as a customer can keep track of the status of your machine. All necessary information such as location of your drill rig, information regarding the drill status or upcoming service is shown in real time. The data is saved in a cloud. The data can be conveniently accessed and operated with a smartphone or a tablet.

New telemetric system
New telemetric system

Unique operating concept

    Intelligent drilling assistant systems such as the thrust control, the carve mode or the cruise control make drilling much easier for the operator. The automatic drilling and backreaming system (ADBSe) in combination with the AutoTork regulate the speed of your backreaming within milliseconds. The operator can lean back, the machine does the work. All features are integrated in a large, comfortable cabin including heating system, air conditioning, a hands-free device and a small fridge.

Unique operating concept
Unique operating concept

High drilling volume

    With a drilling volume of 400 ltr/min (105 gpm), the DJ 40 has the highest drilling volume in its class. This allows even difficult bores in challenging ground conditions. Thanks to a pressure sensor on the suction side, the SPECK pump cannot run empty when the tank is empty. This increases the lifetime and reduces the wear of the pump.

Drill rod magazine with reloading system

    The DJ 40 has 50 drill rods on board, which are 4,57 m (15”) long. This gives a total drilling length of 230 m (755 ft). For better surface protection the rod magazine is hot-dip galvanised. If longer drilling is required, the drill rod magazine can be refilled with the reloading system.


Technical Data

Technical Data

*   Depending on ground conditions
** Depending on drill rod size
Technical specifications can be changed without previous notice.
Pullback force
181 kN (18 to)
40.000 lbs
Thrust force
181 kN (18 to)
40.000 lbs
Engine power
Perkins 129 kW (175 PS)
Perkins 129 kW (175 HP)
Torque, max.
8’000 Nm
5.900 ft.lbs
Drill rod rotation speed, max.
255 U/min
255 rpm
Drilling fluid volume
400 ltr/min
106 gpm
Drilling fluid pressure, max.
70 bar
1.015 psi
drilling speed - quick gear
44 m/min
145 ft/min
drilling speed - at full load
10 m/min
33 ft/min
pullback speed - quick gear
44 m/min
145 ft/min
pullback speed - at full load
10 m/min
33 ft/min
Ø of the pilot bore
140 – 170 mm
5.5” - 6.7”
Entry angle, min.
11° (19 %)
11° (19 %)
Entry angle, max
20° (38 %)
20° (38 %)
Backreaming diameter, max.*
ø 800 mm
ø 30”
Maximum drilling length*
400 m
1250 ft
Drill rods, length
4.57 m
15 ft
Drill rod, diameter
79/76 mm
3.1” / 3.0”
Driving speed
3.2 km/h
2.3 miles/h
Bending radius, min.**
44 m
135 ft
noise emission at operator’s ear - without cabin
79 dB(A)
79 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power level Lwa
104 dB(A)
104 dB(A
Dimensions L x W x H (transportation position)
8.23 x 2.18 x 2.84 m
26 x 6,4 x 6,5 ft
weight incl. drill rods
16.5 to
36.000 lbs
Weight without drill rods
13.2 to
29.000 lbs


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