Trenchless Technology HDD drilling machines and piercing tools
TERRA AG - Company Profile

TERRA - Trenchless technology «made in Switzerland»

Since 1975 TERRA develops and manufactures high-end technology systems for trenchless underground pipe and cable laying. With their headquarters based in Switzerland TERRA‘s research and development unit creates pioneering solutions distributed world wide. With state-of-the-art technology TERRA machines lay pipes for electricity, telecom, and water, environmentally friendly they remove the need for an excavator to dig the road.

What you may expect from us

To achieve this extraordinary challenge we provide our customers ultimate precision and performance on the job site in various conditions. Reliability with minimal maintenance
cost for our machines is one of our key commitments. With powerful, compact and user-friendly product lines TERRA is one of the global leading players and the largest Swiss manufacturer of construction equipment for underground pipe laying.

Research and Development (R & D)

TERRA AG invests 8-9 % of their yearly turn over in research and development. More than 75 patents protect the new ideas of TERRA AG from being copied by competitors. Since 1997 TERRA as the first European manufacturer of underground piercing tools and HDD machines has introduced a quality management system according to EN ISO 9001.

Headquarter Switzerland

Firmensitz TERRA AG Reiden Switzerland

In 2010 TERRA proudly announced the opening of the new built headquarters in Reiden (canton Lucerne) situated in an industrial area of well known global tech companies. The smart design allows a smooth and direct transaction between production and sales.This facility has proved successful ensuring we remain one of the most innovative company's in this field.

Owner of the company

Dietmar Jenne

Founded by Dr. Ing. Gustav Jenne his son Dietmar Jenne took over the executive management in 1985 and has been leading the operational business and it‘s R&D department since then. As a family-owned firm in its 2nd generation TERRA is maintaining traditional values and provides a unique environment for employees. Our key focus is to generate best solutions for our customers and partners at any time. Our core values and strong commitment underpin a sustainable and healthy growth through the last years. The economic and social responsibility is part of our daily mindset.


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