Pipe Renewal


Cable Burster

Seilberster TERRA Extractor X 400
The TERRA-EXTRACTOR are cable bursters which replace old pipes from cast iron, steel, clay ware, lead or PE/PVC. They are strong, powerful and fast. The TERRA-EXTRACTOR work in a pit, manhole or in a cellar. The possibilities to use the TERRA cable bursters are enormous. Ideal for your pipe renewal.


Rod Burster

Gestängeberster TERRA Hydrocrack
Highest performance, power, speed. The TERRA-HYDROCRACK makes it possible. The TERRA-HYDROCRACK is a pipe burster to renew gas pipes, water pipes or sewerage lines. Due to its high thrust and pullback forces it cracks or cuts PE pipes, steel pipes, cast iron pipes or even ductile cast iron pipes.


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