TERRA-JACK 125 pushes out of a cellar

Richtpressgerät, directional rod pusher  © TERRA AG, Reiden, Switzerland
The contractor Schmid from the German city Neu-Ulm had to lay a new fresh water line as a house con-nection. For this pipe laying project they used the TERRA-JACK 125. This directional rod pusher can pro-duce directional pilot bores with pulling forces up to 12.5 tons (125 kN, 27’500 lbs). During backreaming the pilot bore is expanded with an expander star and a expander cone. A HDPE pipe is pulled in simulta-neously. The total length of this house connection was 18 m (60 ft). A big advantage of the TERRA-JACK is that two operators can easily carry it into a cellar. Together with a wall flange it can be assembled against the cellar wall. The complete house connection took only 3 hours, although the ground consisted of clay and gravel. The house connection was done out of the cellar underneath the terrace, underneath the front garden to the road. The total length is 18 m (60 ft). The new HDPE pipe OD 50 mm (2”) is pulled in. The pilot bore is expanded with the expander cone Ø 75 mm (3”). The new HDPE pipe OD 50 mm (2”) is pulled in. The connection to the main water line is prepared. After pipe pulling the TERRA-JACK is dis-assembled. It can be carried easily by two persons. The water line is connected to the house installation.
Hausanschluss, house connection out of the caller © TERRA AG, Reiden, Switzerland
Terrasse und Vorgarten, terrace and front garden  © TERRA AG, Reiden, Switzerland
Presskopf, drill head  © TERRA AG, Reiden, Switzerland

Aufweitglocke HDPE-Rohr, expander cone HDPE pipe  © TERRA AG, Reiden, Switzerland
neue Wasserleitung, new water line  © TERRA AG, Reiden, Switzerland
Rohreinzug Anschluss, pipe pulling connected  © TERRA AG, Reiden, Switzerland


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