Dismountable cable-burster - start out of a cellar


Pipe replacement out of a cellar with the cable burster X 300 C

Pipe bursting with a TERRA cable burster provides a high degree of flexibility. The pulling cable is slid into the old pipe. Then the cutting tool and the expander cone are assembled and are pulled in with the new HDPE pipe. At the same time the old pipe is cut and displaced in the ground.

Cable Burster for replacement of old pipes made from cast iron, steel, clay ware or PE/PVC.

The Cable Burster X 300 C can operate on smallest areas: L x W = 0.42 m x 0.60 m (16.5” x 22.6”).

The X 300 C can be installed in manholes of Ø 800 mm (31.5") and dismounted it can be lifted through manhole entries of Ø 620 mm (24.4").

The Cable Burster X 300 C can be disassembled easily into components less than 45 kg (100_lb). Thereby it can be carried into cellar rooms or manholes.


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