Dynamic Pipe Cracking


Pipe Bursting with Dynamic Bursting Sleeve

TERRA offers dynamic bursting sleeves to increase the pulling force of the cable burster TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 400 and the rod burster TERRA-HYDROCRACK HC 600 S+ and HC 600 C+. Inside of the dynamic bursting sleeve operate a TERRA-HAMMER. This increases a operating speed and the power.

Dynamic Bursting Sleeve ø 400-800 mm (16-32“) with Burst Spring Assembly

Dynamic bursting sleeves ø 400-800 mm (16-32“) are offered to use the cable burster TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 400 for bore channels ø 400-800 mm (16-32“). These bursting sleeves are driven by the TERRA rams TR 220 or TR 360. The Burst Spring Assembly is assembled in front of the dynamic bursting sleeves. It consist of several springs.

The pulling stroke of the X 400 presses the springs together, and when the cable is clamped (during its return stroke) the tension developed in the pressured springs maintain the tension until the cable is pulled again in its forward stroke, enabling a continuous pulling force at the bursting sleeve.

Dynamische Splitthülse mit Federpaket


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